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Organic suncare from natural origin:

Sun cream, sun milk, sun spray,

BIO COSMOS certified by ECOCERT,

Chemical filters free, paraben free, phenoxyethanol free…

ALPHANOVA SUN is the ideal range of organic suncare for people who look for an effective protection, pleasant galenics and a total safety of our formulas.

Our advantages :

  • Formulas from natural origin – not white
  • A complete range of sun protection from SPF15 to SPF50+
  • Adapted for all the family : formulas for babies, kids, adults
  • Sunscreen based on mineral filters from natural origin : exclusive protection with titanium (We don’t use zinc oxide in our formulas because certain scientifics publication show that the zinc would be potentially carcinogenic and harmful for the aquatic environment).
  • Immediate protection thanks to the physical protection of the titanium.
  • Alcool free, paraben free, phenoxyethanol free.
  • Protection strengthened against UVA for a better prevention of the cellular ageing. Protection against UVB.
  • 1st range certified BIO COSMOS by ECOCERT with organic ingredients like the aloe vera, the jojoba’s oil or Tamanu’s oil.
  • All our care are 100% made in France in Provence
  • Environment-friendly formula, sea and reef safe.
  • Waterproof
Safe formulas, natural and organic
Chemical filters free
Chemical preservatives free
Mineral filters from natural origin
Natural and organic
Products certified by ECOCERT.
All our products are natural and we try everyday to maximize the organic part in each of them.
Sea and reef safe because we use natural and biodegradable ingredients in our formulas.
Chemical filters free, zinc free, parabens free…
Logo bio cosmos organic
Alphanova sun, la protection solaire bio respectueuse de la nature.