ALPHANOVA® bébé formulae are

very respectful of babies,

of nature and environment…

Our formulae of natural origin, use in particular natural components (99 % of the formula at least) and are certified organic by ECOCERT. These are soft and without soap nor Sodium Laureth Sulphate. All our baby-care products are made with vegetables which are guaranteed without GMO(GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM), without parabens, without phenoxyethanol, without triclosan, without formaldehyde, without colouring agents, without animal-derived components, without essential oil and without allergens, without phtalates, without nitrated musk and polycycliques.

All our products use biological plant ingredients

The biological sweet almond oil for its moisturizing and soothing virtues. The biological camomile for its soothing properties. The biological water lily for its soothing and antibacterial characteristics.

Every product ALPHANOVA Bébé ® indicates clearly the exact percentage of natural ingredients always upper to 99 %, the exact percentage of biological ingredients which can go to 100 % of the plant ingredients, as well as the origin of every ingredient (natural or biological). Furthermore, our products and their components are not tested on animals and are presented in recyclable packagings.

We don’t use any substance, or products which can irritate or engender cutaneous reactions.
Natural and organic
Products certified by ECOCERT.
All our products are natural and we try everyday to maximize the organic part in each of them.
We respect the environment by using a maximum of organic products and recyclable packagings.
Formules naturels et biologiques, hypoallergéniques, Alphanova Bébé. La sécurité pour bébé, la sérénité pour maman.